"...weird little ball conquers offices and sports fields..."
RTL-Aktuell News on 07/02/2002


"I use the Powerball regularly to exercise coordination and for indurance training.
It is extremely good for the joints and it can be used just anywhere."
Lenny Soccio, Skipper of Hannover Scorpions, Member Icehockey national-team Germany


"Now that our players use this training device regularly, their wrists and lower arms get stronger."
Stefan Schaffelhuber, Schaffelhuber academy, Official high performance Base of Tennisdistrict München


"It is unbelievable which effect the Powerball has.
It is an important part of my training."
Michael Maier, Marathon-runner und Mountainbike-Long-distance expert, editor - special-journal of bike sport


"Our team enjoys the Powerball training."
Martin Schlageter, Physio-therapist of German Climbing-National-team


"It is a very special product that has helped me to strengthen my jive, what has allowed me to reach with easiness the 275 meters in all my launchings. For me, and it stops golfers' thousands in the entire world, it constitutes the most surprising invention that has been introduced in the golf."
Padraig Harrington, classified golfer among the 10 first of the world


"We use the PowerBall in our consultation and it constitutes an excellent tool of exercise and rehabilitation. We apply it in diverse methods of training to strengthen and flexibilizar hands, dolls, arms and shoulders."
Brian Wong, physiotherapist and proprietor of 'Physical Therapy Clinics' USA


"Without a doubt, I recommend the PowerBall like effective device easy to take for the sportsmen in the bag. They will check how they become the center of attention as soon as they begin to use the PowerBall. Everybody will want to prove it and they won't be able to resist."
Steve Myrland, former-trainer of the hockey team San José Sharks


"To be part of the elite in olympic shot it is necessary to have a strong and firm hand, besides an excellent corporal control. The PowerBall strengthens the muscles, for what improves the control on the hand and the arm. Also, it has a practical design and I zip. Easy to transport, relatively economic and very effective."
René Reiner, Olympic Team of Switzerland, olympic shot
"At the present time I train the players of baseball of the future in my own center of training. I consider that the PowerBall is indispensable to exercise the arms and the hands, so the players rush better and hold the bat with more force. It is the invention of the XX Century! The gyroscopic force allows the PowerBall to develop the force in hands, dolls and arms, besides improving the coordination. The PowerBall can be used in numerous ways. Not alone in the diverse sport disciplines, but also with therapeutic ends. I am sure that they will enjoy the PowerBall."
Randy Jones, pitcher of elite of the league of American baseball


"A good day, a partner my battery a PowerBall happened to me of good to first. I could not resist. That same day a PowerBall buys me and I put on hands to the work. I thought that it was more it. Dos days later I bought myself other because it bothered me to change hand. I am skillful but, as battery, I use both hands and the dream of everything battery it is to have the same force in both arms. This is, without a doubt, the most innovative device to exercise the technique and the resistance!"
John Muskiet, battery of Native Intelligence